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It has been my dream to own and direct my own dance studio ever since I was a little boy choreographing routines in my bedroom. I can still see myself in my parents’ house cutting music, thinking about props, and putting on “shows” my family was forced to “enjoy.”

Being incredibly shy when I was younger, the dance studio was a place I could always feel safe and learn about the art I loved so much. Now that I’ve completely busted out of my shy shell…I want to run a studio that can offer exactly what dance has meant to me personally...a safe, nurturing place where students can learn and master the art of dance through hard work, dedication, and lessons taught by an incredibly talented staff. Throw in some Mouse Magic and you have “Animated Movement.”

Contact us: Phone: (732) 221-4796 * Email:

135 Newtowns Corner Road

Howell, NJ 07731

(Ramtown Plaza)

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